We have used the services of L.A.Jones Media multiple times. One of the best features is the personal approach of Lauren. She is always responsive to our needs, always communicating. We found Lauren to work with flawless professionalism and provide excellent customer service. She is great at working with young people and children, where our students warmed very quickly to her. Every time we have worked with her, she is fun and supportive, while creating high quality content. We very much recommend L.A.Jones Media to others and are keen to engage with her again.

R A Z Z A M A T A Z 

Gemma Hextall
Principle & Franchisee

Lauren was an exceptional film maker to work with throughout the length of the project. She maintained a consistently high level of communication remotely, on shoot and in the edit. Demonstrating a sound instinct through her filming and editing suggestions and I found her adaptable and open to ideas. Commited to delivering high quality work, dedicated to the project and willingly flexible. Subsequently I am very pleased with the final result. It was an absolute pleasure, she is brilliant and skilled and would 100% recommend her services.

Jasmin Gardosi
BBC Arts Participant


Lauren joined us initially for work experience, but impressed so much that we ended up employing her for a couple of days as a runner. We were immediately aware of Lauren's hard work ethic and her commitment to succeed at all the tasks we set for her. For the short time she was with us, she was an asset to the team and I'd definitely consider her for future employment.

Rachel Vipond
Production Co-ordinator
'The A Word'

F I F T Y     F A T H O M S

L.A.Jones Media had a very professional approach and carried out the responsibilities well. The final product was to a high quality and we have chosen to work with Lauren again.

A C C E S S  T O  M U S I C 

Paul Francis 
Course Director

Lauren tried a variety of roles within the company, working quickly and efficiently with little supervision.

She edited together several VT clips that we will be using on our TV channels and company website. These clips will not need to be worked on any further by our editors due to Lauren’s skill at completing the task.

I was very impressed by Lauren’s attitude towards work. She demonstrated a good understanding of the industry and was willing to take on any task that was assigned to her, asking questions when required and working well with the rest of the team. I am sure that she will be an asset to whichever company she decides to work for.

Lee Roberts
Promotions Manager

G E M S  T V

Lauren arrived at the venue in plenty of time, she was dressed in smart attire and presented herself in a friendly yet professional manner. I had discussed with Lauren prior to the date the fact that I didn’t want many posed photos as I wanted a more natural feel to our album, Lauren carried out our wishes perfectly and caught some great images.

She certainly has the ability to provide many future bride and grooms with an excellent service providing photos that capture their precious day.

Well done Lauren and once again ……Thank you

Wedding Photography

P O L L Y   C O O P E R


Lauren was a keen member of a 4-person team tasked with filming two Project finalists for the West Midlands Community Sports Awards. Both offered different challenges for filming which Lauren and her team successfully rose to, keeping me informed as to the progress they’d made in setting up the filming, and duly delivering the material within two days of completing the filming.
Filming with Darren Ford also required special attention as he has Aspergers. Lauren and her team duly treated him with all the required sensitivity.  
They also provided me with plenty of material – and variety - on both subjects, while also displaying an “eye” for a shot and demonstrating innovation and initiative, throughout.

Andy Knowles
Event Manager


Lauren undertook 20 hours of work across the two months of the project, always going above and beyond to satisfy the client and myself. Lauren was fantastic across the whole project. Her conduct was fantastic and she showed great maturity when interacting with clients and children and young people with disabilities.

 The video she created was brilliant, going above and beyond the brief and satisfying ourselves and the client. She should be really proud of her work.

Her videos and her conduct exceed maturity well beyond her years. I believe Lauren will have every success in the future and I thank her for her help across the project.

Heather Woodhouse
PR & Project Manager

L O V E   B R U M

Lauren had the opportunity during her three days to spend time learning about pre-production/scripts/research, the shooting process and post production.

Helping one of our 3rd ADs with prep, and she had the opportunity to attend a production meeting too. She was always happy to ask questions and help where necessary.

Whilst on set working with the ADs she was keen to learn and happy to take on responsibilities and use her initiative to get jobs done.

Stephen Capano
Production Co-ordinator